Using the Eclipse Copyright Tool to prepare for OpenNTF Submission

I’m in the middle of Preparing my ‘Swiper’ project for OpenNTF, and in the submission guidelines it states that source files such as .java, plugin.xml, feature.xml .properties must include the Copyright notice at the top.

I thought, what a pain, I’m going to have to update each file, and then I thought, surely Eclipes has something that does this?
By default eclipse can include a copyright notice for each new Source file that you create, however I already have created my source files, and want to update the existing source with a new Copyright message.

A quick google and I found the following article which explains how to install and use the Eclipse Copyright Tool

After installing I simply went to the Preferences and updated the Copyright template.


Then Right-clicked on the plugin Project and selected ‘Fix Copyrights’
My Java files all had the copyright notice



Running it on the feature project it updated feature.xml too!

So if you are looking to convert an existing project to be submitted to openntf, give the Eclipse Copyright Tool a try.

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