Happy New Year / Blog / Domain!

Welcome to my new blog!

A few years ago I started my blog gregorbyte.com on google blogger, and it did a good job for me, I didn’t post very often but at least I had a place where I could share some ideas or things I had done.

I was also very glad to have my feed syndicated through Planet Lotus and Collaboration Today.
Then one day, my RSS feed went invalid for Planet Lotus! Something to do with geo tags that I attached to a post when I was in Melbourne for AUSLug / Inform. I made the feed valid again, but after trying a few different things with Yancy’s help, it still wouldn’t resume. The writing was on the wall, blogger is probably on the short list for things that Google will shut down.

Meanwhile, my employer was getting  it’s new website done in WordPress (which will be handed over to our team on completion), and my wife intended to start a wordpress blog, so I thought, “I’d better learn about wordpress!”

So here it is! My new blog with a new domain camerongregor.com, I have to say, so far I am super impressed with wordpress, it really is a great platform, and offers so much more than blogger. I am only just starting to learn what I can do with it.

I will keep the old gregorbyte.com blog going for now so that the older posts are still available. My plan is to one day migrate the old posts over using the same permalinks and then point gregorbyte.com to the new blog, but for now they will be separete.

Here’s to a good start to 2016!

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