Swiper FP8 Version Beta Release

Last week I released the ‘alpha’ version of Swiper which was untested on FP8 but presumed to be ok. So far I have only had good reports from the pioneers who have gone ahead and installed FP8 + the alpha version.

I have since managed to ugrade my home office setup to FP8 which unfortunately has broken my ability to launch designer from eclipse but I am seeking some advice on fixing this up.

In the meantime I have to test the slow way of building plugins, import plugins, restart … ugh.

Anyway, I persist because I want to give the people what they want! I have prepared another release with some requests received last week. This will most likely be the final 2.0.0 release but I am just releasing as beta for now. You can download the v2.0.0 Beta release from the github repo right now! I’d love to hear if the requested features are also useful for you.

Note: for the toolbar buttons to enable, you must click on the Project Header in the left pane

‘Refresh ODP and then Sync’ button

requested by Tinus Riyanto

Tinus’ setup is to have Build Automatically off, Refresh Automatically off (I assume) and also ‘Auto Import’ off.
This means that to for sync, he would need to find the ODP and right-click refresh, and then run a sync

Instead, he can now just click ‘Refresh ODP and then Sync’ button!

I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out what Icon could represent ‘Refresh and Sync’ without confusing it with the other icons. I gave up and chose the 8-ball :p

For bonus points I threw in a ‘Refresh ODP’ button which just refreshes the ODP.

‘Launch ODP Folder in System Explorer’

requested by me!

A few times I just want to open the ODP in the System Explorer (windows Explorer) so I added this button to quickly launch it without having to navigate to package explorer etc.


‘Enable Swiper for All projects’ preference option

Requested by Patrick Kwinten

Patrick wants to ‘Fire and Forget’ on a Headless Build setup so that all projects will definitely have swiper enabled when the Headless build runs.

Next step

As long as I hear everything is good, I will publish the final version 2.0.0 to OpenNTF next week.

As always happy to hear any further suggestions that may make your life with source-control in Domino Designer easier.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Cameron,
    That is really kind of you to include our “wish”. Many thanks!
    I will think about more requests 🙂

  2. Mark Leusink says:

    Thanks Cameron! Been working with the alpha for a week now and love it!

  3. a question: do you have an idea how will this “next” version respond on top of a FP8 installation?

    • camerongregor says:

      Hi Patrick this version will only work on FP8 and above so I hope it responds well!

      I have had good reports from people who have already upgraded to FP8 and have been using the new version of Swiper already.

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