Upcoming Webinar – How we are using XPages

If, like me, you’ve been following Jesse Gallagher’s blog you will see he has been putting a lot of thought into ‘the XPages problem’ (where to next for those of us still heavily dependant on XPages). I have been following Jesse’s thoughts with interest as I am hoping to make the right decision for our company about where to focus our efforts on next.

In Jesse’s latest blog post, he asked if anyone could share details of how they have been XPages in relation to large / complex applications.

I’ve offered to give Jesse an overview of our setup via a video call, but I thought maybe it would be a good opportunity to make this an open webinar so that if anyone else was curious they could also join in and have a look. So I’ve schedule a time that is suitable for both me and Jesse, and will just open it up as a public invite.

I’ll be giving the webinar 7am Sydney Time on Tuesday 27th Aug, so that would be these times in your area:

There are things I have wanted to blog about but I just haven’t been up to it lately. I’m sure I will go over some of these things in the video call, so I think this is probably an efficient way to ‘share’ some ideas as well. Maybe you will see something that you can use in your own xpages applications while you try to squeeze that last drop out of the lemon!

At our company we have about many different xpages applications which interact with each other, as well as also interacting with our other existing standard Notes Client based applications too. As part of this we have a bunch of business logic in a java framework that we have developed as well as some custom xpages library controls and some other minor extensions to the xpages framework, as well as using a theme from wrapbootstrap with some custom renderers. As previously mentioned in this blog we are building and deploying this via github and a jenkins build server and automated deployment.

If any of this interests you feel free to register for the webinar using this link: I am going to try out Zoom – I hope it all goes well I haven’t used it before!


I’ve allowed for up to an hour, my plan is to do a 15 minute rough overview and then open it up to questions. I can then go into detail about any particular part of it that is of interest to the participants. But if nothing interests you after 15 minutes then no worries!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Sean Cull says:

    Hi Cameroni am really looking forward to this and would be interested in doing a blog post about what we are doing as it is a little unusual too.
    We have moved to Niche SaaS solutions based on XPages but with heavy use of Backing Beans and “views” rendered from Full Text Search results rather than classic Notes Views.

    it is late on a Bank Holiday in the UK. Will there be a recording made available ?
    Thanks, Sean

    • camerongregor says:

      Hi Sean, Yeah I think that would be great to understand the different ways people have used xpages. Jesse is keen to gather this info so he can use it when coming up with ideas on how to move on to the next thing.
      I am using zoom for the first time and apparently it can take a recording of the meeting, so if the recording is successful I will try to make it available afterwards!

  2. looking forward to it. and we in Stockholm, Sweden love your timing 🙂

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