Domino Debug Plugin – Fix for Eclipse Luna

When developing OSGi plugins for Notes/Domino I use the XPages SDK for Eclipse OpenNTF project which makes setting up your Target Platform and Java Runtime-Environment a breeze.

Also included in the project’s releases section is the Domino Debug Plugin. The Domino Debug Plugin (DDP) is used to create a ‘start-up’ OSGi configuration for your Domino server. This configuration instructs Domino to include the plugins that you are working on in your eclipse workspace. This allows you to avoid building update sites and deploying your plugins for every time you want to test them.

Used in conjunction with ‘Remote Java Application’ debugging, this can give you an increase in productivity if it suits the way you like to develop. For minor changes you can edit your java code and click save, and the new class will be refreshed on the server. For major changes such as new classes and member variables, you will be prompted that you will need to restart the application (restart task http).

The Eclipse project has released Eclipse Luna (4.4) which is now the current version of eclipse. Unfortunately the DDP does not work with Eclipse Luna as there has been some changes to the PDE (Plugin-Development Environment) classes that are referenced by the DDP.

I am already stuck on Eclipse Ganymede with Domino Designer and I don’t want to be stuck on Eclipse Kepler for Plugin development! So I decided to see if I could make the necessary changes to the Domino Debug Plugin to allow it to work with Eclipse Luna. (Hooray for Open Source!)

It turns out the were only 3 minor changes to make. Some of the method signatures of PDE Classes had changed slightly so I modified the code to match the new signatures.

After installing the new version of the plugin (1.0.1) I amĀ  happy to report the DDP is back in business.

I have made the changes available on Github at camac/DominoDebugPlugin, you can see them in the commit history. So if you would like Domino Debug Plugin for Eclipse Luna, head over there and download release 1.0.1, using the updatesite to install into Eclipse Luna.

Let me know via the GitHub repository’s issues page if you have success or failure! If it works for other people too I will submit to the OpenNTF project for release through that proper channel.

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