My Slides from AUSLUG 2016 Presentations

This year at AUSLUG I presented 2 sessions. ‘Anatomy of a UI Control’ and ‘Using Source Control for Domino Development’. I have just uploaded the slides to the AUSLUG community and thought I would also share to the wider world! Slides and description of sessions are below. If you have any questions please let me know! I hope to share more about extension library / control development soon.

Anatomy of a UI Control

This session was designed to just spark a bit of curiosity at how the Extension Library source code is laid out. I suspect that many developers wouldn’t know where to start when trying to debug a UI Control. The extension library serves as a good example of the various ways you can develop UI Controls. Also with the Extension Library IBM book now several years old, you can no longer rely on it as a complete reference to how to use controls. If you can learn to browse the source code then you have access to understand how the controls work with certainty.
This session dissects the ‘Widget Container’ control into is various working parts, and shows the whereabouts within the extension library. The appendix also includes a rough guide to getting set up to browse the extension library source code in eclipse.

Using Source Control for Domino Development

At AUSLUG 2015 I learned that many Aussie XPages developers were not using source control, so I thought I better give a presentation in 2016. I didn’t know about it until I saw Declan Sciolla-Lynch presented the topic at AUSLUG 2012, so I thought I better do the same.
Much of the session was a live demonstration (which somehow went smoothly!) so the slides are only really from the first half of the session.

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